And a Little Worse

By the time I arrived home from our trip, my right shoulder was in extreme pain when I made any attempt to move it. It was ok if I let it stay still, but any attempt to use it caused pain to shoot through the entire arm and shoulder. The next morning I had a quick freelance photo assignment, but my arm was still a mess. I wore a jacket and kept my right arm inside the pocket, using it only when I had to (by manually putting it into place with my left arm, shooting a photo, and manually returning it to the pocket). I got through the assignment and again, by the end of the day, noticed the pain starting to subside.

Over the next several weeks, I experienced the pain in either my right or left shoulder. It lasted in a 3-day cycle–day 1: I felt the pain coming on, day 2: the pain was almost unbearable, day 3: the pain started to subside. It was weird.

It is difficult to explain the embarrassment that comes along with health issues. When you are overweight, you feel like every health problem is a result of being overweight. It is was so hard to reach out for help, because I felt like it was my fault for being in the situation I was in. And if I put myself there, it was my responsibility to get myself out.

There are a lot of reasons people gain weight or have trouble sticking to a diet. Or lose weight only to gain it all back. I don’t believe anyone wants to be there-that they are lazy. It is just not as simple as “Eat Less, Move More.”

It was summer now. My mom seemed to be adjusting well, but did not drive at all, so I was responsible for her as well as for the family and work. I had waited long enough to seek help, and I finally started with an appointment to the chiropractor.

It was my first step back to health.

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