Weight Loss

I noted that I started off 2013 without any resolution to lose weight. I changed my mind early in the spring–before the back and shoulder pain issues even started. I had two weddings to attend that summer, so I decided I would be much happier if I shed some pounds before that. The first wedding was scheduled for the end of June–throwing out any idea of a reasonable attempt, I decided to aim to lose 30 pounds by the June wedding, and an additional 20 for the late August date. I felt confident that this would not be an issue. I had always been successful in my weight LOSS endeavors. It was keeping off the weight that was the problem–as it is for most people.

I signed up for the online Weight Watchers points program. I followed it strictly throughout the month of April and was devastated when the month ended with little to no weight loss. Seriously–I was religious about following the program–no cheats–and no weight loss.

I am not blaming Weight Watchers. This program, like any other can work in the short term. I can remember laughing and telling my sister that I was a member of the Diet-of-the-Month Club. Could do Weight Watchers one month, Adkins the next, and a round of South Beach–losing a little bit each time. I did the cabbage soup diet for about 3 days before I vomited in my soup bowl. Then I moved on to the lemonade diet. And the guilt-ridden Weigh Down Workshop, where suddenly, my weight was more about deep-seated sin than it was about calories.

Once, I remember successfully following Adkins for several months–then joining Curves, where I started a regular exercise program and threw the diet out the window. Every month I attended curves, I gained weight. I finally told the owner that I had no interest in weighing any more. She talked me into a Curves Weight Loss group and soon, the weight started to drop again.

Let’s face it, the diet industry makes their money off of attempts and failures much more than it does off of success stories. How many commercials or ads do you see that tell a story of weight loss and at the same time, the words–“Results not typical,” are scrolling across the screen? The problem, though, was not in the program. I had come to the place women have been warned about for a long time–“Yo-yo dieting is a terrible idea–eventually, you will mess your metabolism up to the point that you will no longer be able to lose weight.”

Had I arrived here already?

Were there no other chances for me?

Maybe it was a good thing that I had to take my focus off of the weight loss and deal with the issues of pain for awhile.

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