The Thyroid

Chiropractic care starts out with x-rays and an evaluation, followed by several sessions of manipulation before settling into a regular, monthly standing appointment to kept things in check. I still go monthly and find that I am immediately able to tell when things are out of line. Once in a while, I have to schedule an additional appointment or at least a sooner appointment to get back on track. I think this is probably normal, but since I try to run on a regular basis, I don’t like to take chances and wait for the monthly visit.

It was discouraging when after a few months of regular care, the shoulder pain came back. It really continued to come back once in awhile for about the first year. I distinctly remember taking a few hour road trip by myself the one time the pain affected both shoulders at the same time. Fortunately the overlap was only a couple of hours at night and not while I was actually driving.

It was around this time that I started reading about adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues.  It was like a light went on for me for the first time in years. I had never heard the term “Brain Fog,” but I immediately knew what it was–I experienced it every day! I was truly exhausted. What’s more–it didn’t matter if I was sleeping twelve hours each night and napping in the afternoon, my body had nothing in it. I read article after article about the adrenals and thyroid. I think I had maxed them out like a credit card. I needed to find a way to fix it.



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