Resolutions for the New Year

Five years ago, I began the New Year without resolutions. It was the first year in many years that I had neglected to do so. The year I was to turn 40, I “Resolved” to lose 40 pounds; the next year, 41 pounds and so on. But by the time I was to turn 45, I had given up on the idea, gave away my “skinny” clothes and just skipped the ritual all together. It turned out, 45 was the year I made my biggest change. I can’t even take credit for it. I don’t think I even had a choice. More about the “what” and the “why” in another post. And while I no longer “resolve” to lose weight (or at least I didn’t this year), I have continued the tradition of ┬áNew Year’s Resolutions.

2018–and the Big 5-0

2018 is the year I hit the big one. Not the lottery–which I can’t win, since I don’t play. I turn 50, and I guess the only way I have come up with a way to deal with what could be a mental crisis, is just to embrace it and make it as epic of a year as I can. My goal is to try new things–maybe not 50 new things, but enough to make it a monumental year in all of the right ways. Basically, my goal with this blog is to mark the time, for myself. To be an encouragement–to myself, if no one else. I’ll explain the goals, the blog name, and anything else as the year goes on. I don’t start this as an open-ended deal. Instead, my plan is to work on this throughout 2018, and shut the door on it as the year closes out.